Essential Pandemic Resources for Seniors & Long-Distance Caregivers

By Beverly Nelson, Photo Credit: Pexels

It’s important to cherish the time we have with our older relatives. When distance and COVID-19 make it difficult to connect and care for older family members, it’s easy for caregivers to feel guilty, hopeless and overwhelmed. Thankfully, the resources and tools below can alleviate this stress for seniors and their long-distance loved ones.

Keeping Seniors Connected

Even before lockdowns and COVID, isolation was a major issue for seniors. Thankfully, there are still safe and effective ways to keep seniors from feeling lonely, even if they live alone.

●     Creative solutions like letters and care packages can help loved ones feel less lonely.

●     Video conferencing can even mean sharing dinner or drinks with long-distance seniors.

●     Make sure seniors have user-friendly tech so that they can take advantage of social tools.

●     Check into Burritts Rapids local volunteer opportunities that can help seniors connect with others in their community.

Providing Safe Essentials

Access to groceries and other essentials is another issue facing seniors right now. These tools and resources help resolve this dilemma.

●     Opting for delivery is one of the safest bets for senior citizens and family members can even help seniors order groceries and other delivery services from afar.

●     There are also meal kit delivery services that can provide elderly seniors with health and satisfying foods, without risking a trip to the grocery store.

●     Shopping online for other essentials, including face masks and toilet paper, is another way that families and long-distance caregivers can protect seniors.

●     For shopping in-store, encourage seniors to only visit during senior shopping hours, to reduce their risk of being exposed to COVID.

Finding Compassionate Care

Seniors who have special care needs can encounter additional obstacles during the pandemic. Finding the right help and assistance can help long-distance caregivers address these needs.

●     While hiring in-home caregivers can be a bit harder right now, providers and companies are taking extra precautions to avoid risks and keep everyone safe.

●     Asking a few safety questions will ensure that the caregiver you hire won’t put your senior loved one’s health at risk.

●     Long-distance caregivers can ensure their loved one’s health and well-being by communicating with providers.

●     If it’s time to consider assisted living, know that this process may require extra time during the pandemic.

Now more than ever before, it’s so important that our senior loved ones are cared for and protected. The tools, tips and tech resources above can help caregivers provide for those needs, even when they live miles or provinces away.

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